gluten free dumpling kit

Gluten Free Dumpling Kit


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Geoffrey Geoffrey
Love it!

The dough is easy to work with, my kids love daddy dumplings nights! We all sit around the kitchen bench and make our own dumplings!
Great experience for the family, and a yummy dinner guarantee!

Thank you Geoff.

Robyn Rayner

Absolutely delicious and so easy to make. YUMMO!!

Shelly Buch

So easy to do and so easy to eat. Worth the price I paid thank you.

I am a massive fan and will be making these often!

Ive never had dumplings before (Im Coeliac), so I was very excited when I found these mixes!
I made them tonight and my non GF husband said they were as good as any he has had elsewhere!
I absolutely loved them!
I made a chicken and prawn mix and a vegetable mix and cooked them three different ways.
I made pot stickers (which were juicy and beautifully cooked), steamed some in the steamer kit I bought with the mixes (which were slightly bouncy and then I boiled some in broth (they came out silky).
I am a massive fan and will be making these often!

Most perfect dumplings

Absolutely incredible - a total game changer! The dough makes the most perfect dumplings that are light and chewy, and they are so easy to make. The dough is a dream to work with, and they work perfectly every. single. time! A brilliant and delicious staple to have in the pantry for anyone who cannot tolerate gluten (and for those who can!). 100 stars!!!