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Here you will find video instructions and tips on making your own dumplings using our gluten free dumpling flour mix. 

I've never made dumplings before. Where do I start?
We've made it super easy for you with our gluten free flour mixes and dumpling filling recipes and easy to follow video instructions.

How to mix and roll dumpling skins...


Learn how to fold dumplings...

My dumpling dough isn't smooth. Am I mixing it correctly?
The short answer is 'yes'. When you first mix the flour to combine it, it will appear slightly lumpy and have a 'cauliflower' appearance, particularly if you mix it by hand. As you continue to knead it, and roll out the dough in small portions it will become smoother as you thin it out. Watch our video to learn more. We suggest you use a food processor to mix as it will be a lot faster.

How thin do I roll out my pastry?
The ideal pastry should be 1mm. Using a dumpling wooden rolling pin gives the best result as the rolling pin is thinner which gives you more control when working with the pastry.

Does the size of the pastry cutter matter?
Yes, a larger size dumpling pastry is easier to work with as it allows you to put the right amount of filling, and seals without your filling overflowing. We recommend a 9-10cm pastry cutter.

How do I get my dumplings to hold together?
No additional water is necessary, the trick is to ensure the edges of your pastry are "clean" (i.e. free from any filling). If there is filling in the way the pastry will not stick together, gently wipe it off, then simply pinch together firmly the edges of the pastry with the sides of your index finger and thumb, making sure it is completely sealed.

Can I freeze my dumplings?
Yes! Freeze your freshly made dumplings in a container, leaving some space between so they do not stick together. Cook directly from frozen, that's right... no defrosting needed (perfect for those busy weeknights)! You can panfry them, steam them, or boil them in under 10 minutes.

What else can I make with my dough/pastry?
Shallot pancakes are a favourite see our recipe.
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Do you have further questions? We'd love to hear from you