Our Story

Food has always played a central role in our family life. Growing up, weekends were spent gathered around the kitchen table with our extended family. We would reminisce about the past week while preparing and enjoying dumplings, exchanging beloved recipes and discussing flavor pairings.

Robert and I always knew food would play the same integral role with our own family, but it took an unexpected turn when our youngest daughter, Jordyn, was diagnosed with life-threatening allergies to dairy, egg, nuts and shellfish; and intolerances to a number of other foods and preservatives. By 18 months of age, there were more foods Jordyn was allergic to, than not.

We desperately wanted to solve this food problem — not just for Jordyn — but for the thousands of other Australians living with food allergies and intolerances. So, we set out to create allergy-friendly, wholesome Asian food that was nutrient-dense while still being incredibly tasty — something that could give parents and allergy-sufferers piece of mind. And with that, we launched our premium gourmet dumplings.

Over the years, we noticed more and more customers were buying our gourmet dumplings — even if they didn’t suffer from life threatening allergies — because they either had mild food sensitivities, or they wanted to make more nutritious food choices.

Using locally sourced ingredients, our products are 100% made in Australia and use only grass-fed and free-range meats pair with fresh vegetables from Australian farmers.

Our mission is to create great tasting, wholesome food that provides nutritional benefits for your body, because a healthy gut helps a healthy mind. All House of Goodness products are gluten free and allergy-friendly, so whether you’re sitting down for a feast or it’s a quick meal on the go — these products full of goodness can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Made with love, we hope our food can bring joy and smiles to your table, just as it has ours.

We believe that every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body. A lot of thought has gone into each recipe and sourcing ingredients so that the whole family can enjoy our food, full of wholesome goodness, delicious to your taste buds.

x Erika & Robert