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New look, same great flavours

We are so excited to be rebranding to House of Goodness.

Why the name change? As a small family business that started out at the markets, we were thinking a lot about our brand lately and we came to a (big) decision to change our name to better reflect what we believe in and the food that we make. As you may know, when we discovered our youngest child Jordyn (born in the year of the Pig in the Zodiac calendar) had multiple life-threatening allergies, there were more foods that she couldn’t have than she could, and this is where our food journey began. We learned where our food came from, how it was produced, grown and made, and this educated us to make better choices about what we feed our bodies.

Ingredients matter, and we found it really challenging to find suitable foods that the whole family could enjoy. After countless hours in the kitchen we came up with our gluten free and allergy friendly dumplings. We believe that every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body. A lot of thought has gone into each recipe and sourcing ingredients so that the whole family can enjoy our food, full of wholesome goodness that is tasty to eat. It’s the same delicious food lovingly made by the same team, just with a new name. Find us at your closest independent grocer or health food shop. We hope that you love our new name as much as we do!