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Finalist! Food & Beverage Awards

In July we were invited to the 2017 Food and Beverage Industry Awards as Golden Pig & Co was awarded Double Finalists in the categories of Health Food and Ready Meals. The event was the premier awards program for recognising the successes and innovation within the industry. What a fantastic evening it was!

We had the privilege to sit at the same table as the founders of Pukara Estate and El Cielo, who were finalists and winners of the Paddock to Plate category respectively.

We have been fans of Pukara Estate’s olive oils and products for over ten years now and we were thrilled to be seated with them. In fact, we stumbled across their beautiful products at a Farmers Market and have been inspired by their work ever since this encounter. We loved being able to share our experiences with founders Steve and Rachel, and also loved hearing about their journey and challenges over the last 14 years.

El Cielo won the Paddock to Plate category, and we enjoyed hearing about their founding story; it was truly inspiring. From humble migrant beginnings, their founders saw the opportunity to create fresh gluten-free corn tortillas for their local Melbourne community. Their products are of the highest quality, using fresh grown corn from Northern New South Wales to create authentic Mexican products. Congratulations again El Cielo.

One of our favourite moments was the crowning of the Beverage of the Year category. The winner was Sheep Whey Vodka from Hartshorn Distillery and the founder Ryan is the son of a sheep cheesemaker in Tasmania. The innovation that his company uses is inspiring; Ryan has discovered how to turn the leftover whey from cheese production into sugars, which are then converted to alcohol and distilled. The result is a delicate and extremely smooth distillate. Hartshorn Sheep Whey Distillery and Ryan, well done!

Another interesting highlight was the crowning of the Health Food category winner. Fermantanicals won this award for their Fermented Turmeric Capsules. Their turmeric is sourced in Okinawa, Japan and interestingly the Japanese have used fermented turmeric regularly for centuries. Fermantanicals founder Jayta Szpitalak has a love for food experimentation, and this was the catalyst for the creation of their nutritious products. We look forward to trying their specialised fermented, activated, sprouted and live foods!

The night was fantastic and we loved rubbing shoulders and sharing our experiences with others within our field. Despite not taking home an award, we couldn’t think of a better event to get such talented and passionate people in one room together. A special thank you to Food Magazine and Food Pro.

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